Introduction Of HaoAir Tech’s Dynamic Pass Box

Dynamic pass box Introduction:

Dynamic pass box is a kind of auxiliary equipment of clean room, used for cargo transfer between different clean level cleanrooms. It can reduce the times to open the door so as to ensure the cleanliness in the clean room. It can remove the dust on the surface of articles. Meanwhile, this pass box can also prevent unpurified air getting into clean zone. Client can choose to add UV light, buzzer and bottom plate. We can also design non-standard size of pass box as client’s specific needs.

Dynamic pass box Applications:

Biological pharmacy, Tissue culture, Scientific research institute, Center for disease control(CDC), Hospitals, Chemical industry.

Dynamic pass box Operation features:

1. All components are designed for maximum chemical resistance and enhanced durability for a long service life. The surface material of Dynamic pass box can be chose stainless steel or steel with power coated.
2. It is constructed of stainless steel inside in circular arc form. The arc design in the inner circumference is to ensure a seamless connection line, making the work zone easy to clean and endurable.
3. Microprocessor controller and automatic control system, Two level filtration system(Pre-filter, HEPA filter).
4. Laminar flow design adopts the ceiling air supply and lower side return mode of air distribution.
5. Double-layer glass has a smooth, glossy surface, which is both aesthetical and safe for users.
6. The internal bottom is optional to adopt to the stainless steel plate or non-power drum.
7. This dynamic pass box contains differential pressure gauge and PAO/DOP port.
8. Electronic interlock shall reduce contamination from the low cleanliness area.
9. With Buzzer, alarm independently(when the filter exceed 250-300Pa).
10. It shall be installed in the wall or supported by bracket.
11. Special sealing trip is installed to ensure air tightness.
12. Low vibration and low noise.


dynamic pass box

dynamic pass box drawing


Differential pressure gauge
Control board
Double Layer Glass
UV light



Dynamic Pass Box
Model HaoAir-DPB500 HaoAir-DPB600 HaoAir-DPB700
Internal Size(W*D*H)㎜ 500x500x500 600x600x600 700x700x700
External Size(W*D*H)㎜ 700x570x1050 800x670x1150 900x770x1250
Air Velocity 0.45m/s  (Adjustable)
HEPA Efficiency 99.995%@0.3um (GB50073/ISO14644-1)
HEPA Filter Type Mini-Pleats Gel Sealant HEPA Filter
Test port External PAOI/DOP Test port
Differential pressure gauge 1 Set (Dwyer brand)
Inner bottom Arc Shaped
Interlock Micro-computer interlock
Material SUS304/201 or steel with power coated (T=1.0/1.2/1.5mm)
Power 150-350W 220V/50HZ

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