Hao Air Tech’s Dispensing Booth Introduction

Dispensing booth Introduction

Dispensing booth is a special studio specializing in sampling, weighing, analysis and other industries. It can control the dust in the working area from spreading out of the operation area, ensuring that the operator does not inhale the items being operated. It is a special purification equipment for controlling dust flying. The indoor air passes through the primary filter and the medium efficiency filter, and is pressed into the static pressure box by the centrifugal fan. After passing through the high efficiency filter, the air is blown out from the air outlet surface of the airflow diffusing air supply unit, and the clean air flows through the working area at a uniform cross section wind speed. To form a high clean working environment. The operating area of the center dispensing booth is maintained at a negative pressure state, discharging 10% of the circulating air. The air in the dispensing booth is self-circulating through a three-stage filtration system (high-efficiency filter removes 99.99% of all dust above 0.3 μm).

Dispensing booth

Dispensing booth Features:

1. Use modular assembly without site constraints.
2. An external wind speed sensor can be connected to achieve a constant wind speed.
3. The fan frequency conversion can be controlled, and the wind speed is adjustable from 0.3-0.6m/s.
4. With pressure gauges for real-time monitoring of filters
5. The control panel is located on the front side of the inner working area of the dispensing booth. The touch screen inverter control system controls the start and stop of the fan, adjusts the fan frequency, and adjusts the wind speed in the working area.
the special air dust design with a high performance at decrease the noise.


MODEL HA-DB1000 HA-DB1500 HA-DB2000
External size (mm)(W*D*H) 1200x1500x2400mm 1500x1700x2400mm 2000x1800x2400mm
Work zone (mm)(W*D*H) 1100x1200x2000mm 1400x1200x2000mm 1900x1300x2000mm
Purification rank Class 100(ISO5)
Air speed 0.2-0.7m/s
Material(Option) 1: Entirety Stainless Steel 201/304/316.(T=1.2/1.5mm)2: External and internal side is steel with power coated. (T=1.2/1.5mm)
Control system 1: Air Speed according to frequency converter control .2: Gel Sealant High Efficiency HEPA air filter for high purification rank

3: Wind speed detection, Constant temperature and constant humidity

Detector according to client request install

4: DOP/PAO Port and differential Pressure Guage for HEPA /secondary filter so that remind of you change the air filter in time

5: 5 different filter configuration available utilizing combination of G4,F8.H13,H14 and PLF Screens .

6; GMP Modular design with minimized joints and seams.

7: PVC strip curtains available

8; Energy Efficient high air volume fan to minimize operating cost,

Noise level(dB) <65dB
Filter step 3 Step
HEPA filter 99.995% @ 0.3um Gel sealant mini–pleats HEPA Air Filter
Secondary filter F8 pocket air filter
Pre-filter Efficiency 75%@5um
Power supply 380V/50HZ OR 220V/50HZ
Packing material Standard Export Poly wood Packing(Fumigant free material)

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