Air shower pass through box introduction

Air shower pass through box Introduction

The air shower pass through box is designed according to the type of the clean room air shower . And it is also called purification transfer box, air-shower transfer cabinet or air-shower pass box. In order to reduce the large amount of dust particles caused by goods entering and leaving ,the fan quickly blows the air out through the Initial and High Efficiency Filters and turns it into clean air. The clean air is sprayed by stainless steel nozzle, and the airflow velocity is over 20m/s. It is possible to remove the dust particles attached to the surface of the object quickly and effectively.

Air shower pass through box

Characteristics of Air shower pass through box

1. Adopt a circular corner that is more suitable for the clean room principle.2. The outer wall is sprayed with high quality cold rolled steel plate.3. Stainless steel plate is used on the working table of short distance pass box , which is smooth, and wear-resistant.4. The working table of long-distance pass box is equipped with powerless drum, which makes the delivery of goods easy and convenient.5. Both side doors are equipped with mechanical or electronic interlocking devices to ensure that both side doors cannot be opened at the same time.

6.The air velocity of the tuyere outlet is over 20 m/s.

7.High efficiency filter with partition is adopted, the filtration efficiency is 99.99%, ensuring the purification level.

8.Using EVA sealing material, high sealing performance.9. Imported electronic components, reliable performance.10.Fully automatic infrared induction shower is adopted. When the object enters the clean area from the entrance, it will be automatically blown after infrared induction. When the object goes out of the clean area, it will not be blown through the pass box to save energy.

Technical parameter

External size (mm) 850x500x1350mm 950x600x1450mm 1090x750x1600mm
Work zone (mm) 500x500x500mm 600x600x600mm 750x750x750mm
Nozzle 4 PCS 4PCS 6 PCS
Air speed                  18-25m/s
Material(Option) 1: Entirety Sus304.(T=1.2/1.0mm)
2: Entirety sus201. (T=1.2/1.0mm)
3:External is steel with power coated,    Internal is SUS304(T=1.2/1.0mm)
4: External is steel with power coated.    Internal is SUS201(T=1.2/1.0mm)
 Per-filter 525x275x17mm 560x275x17mm 560x275x17mm
HEPA filter 484x484x69mm 630x630x69mm 630x630x69mm
99.99%@0.3um H13
Optional accessories 1: UV light. 2: Interphone  3:Differential pressure gauge  4: Roller
Power supply                   0.75KW  380V/50HZ
packing size    (mm) 1050x780x1600mm 1100x880x1700mm 1240x1030x1850mm
Packing    material Standard Export Poly wood Packing(Fumigant free material)


Installation of air shower through pass box:

Installation method: In the wall to choose a convenient location, and then open, the hole is generally larger than the outside diameter of the air shower pass box about 10MM, the pass box into the wall, generally installed in the middle of the wall, maintain balance and fixed, with rounded corners or other decorative strips to decorate the gap between the air shower pass box and the wall, glue sealing decoration can be done.



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