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Cleanroom Applicable Industries


Electronics Cleanrooms, Aerospace, Optics, Research, Military, Defense, Etc.

This ISO5 GMP directional wheels dehumidifier modular cleanbooth for laboratory design normally involves products research, manufacturing, or repair & calibration that does not normally require the room surfaces, and equipment to be sanitized or sterilized to eliminate microbial contamination.


Pharmaceutical Production Cleanrooms

This ISO6 sandwich panel HEPA dehumidifier modular cleanroom/cleanbooth  requires additional details of construction to allow wet chemical sterilization of surfaces, equipment, and increased positive air pressure gradients, etc. FDA validatable cleanrooms require additional capability to validate and certify control and monitor equipment and procedures to either manually or automatically record permanent written records or data- logging to match manufactured batches of product with the cleanroom facility performance.

 Medical Production Cleanroom

This Vertical Laminar Flow HEPA Electronics Industry Modular Cleanroom is similar to the pharmaceutical cleanroom style. The product requirements for particulate cleanliness and sterility will determine specifications for finishes, controls, and manual and automatic documentation.


Pharmaceutical / Medical Research Cleanrooms

This ISO5 GMP directional wheels dehumidifier modular cleanbooth is similar to the requirements for pharmaceutical or medical products cleanrooms except that there is usually no requirement for any FDA validatable features.


Plant Growing Cleanroom

Provide high-quality plant growth clean rooms from Flowering room, Mother room, Cloning room, Drying room… etc. We can also supply and design for you.

Cleanroom Applicable Industries

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