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The Introduction of Mini Pleats HEPA Filter

The Introduction of Mini Pleats HEPA Filter The haoairtech brand Mini Pleats HEPA Filter is a HEPA type of filter, designed to take out the finest of particles.   These Mini Pleats HEPA Filter are designed to remove 65% to 98% of all airborne matter.  The filter uses a special media intended to capture both small and large particles with minimum airflow restriction. The MINI PLEAT construction is designed to give the filter more surface area. This filter has an average of over 5 times [...]

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Haoair Brand Air filter Resistant Details

Haoair Brand Air filter Resistant Detailed All of air filters have same program, when the dust accumulate at peaked ,in the same time , the air filters resistance achieve the highest, it is time for change another news air filter.   What is primary resistance?  If the air filters is new one, the resistance is primary resistant What is finally resistance?  If the air filters should be replacement, the air filter resistance is finally resistance.   The follow elements influence the finally resistance:  1: Air filters mechanical strength: Usually the [...]

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