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Cleanroom Applicable Industries Intruduction

Cleanroom Applicable Industries   Electronics Cleanrooms, Aerospace, Optics, Research, Military, Defense, Etc. This ISO5 GMP directional wheels dehumidifier modular cleanbooth for laboratory design normally involves products research, manufacturing, or repair & calibration that does not normally require the room surfaces, and equipment to be sanitized or sterilized to eliminate microbial contamination.   Pharmaceutical Production Cleanrooms This ISO6 sandwich panel HEPA dehumidifier modular cleanroom/cleanbooth  requires additional details of construction to allow wet chemical sterilization of surfaces, equipment, and increased positive air pressure gradients, etc. FDA [...]

Clean Room’s Classification According To Differient Way

In this paper, the clean room’s classification is analyzed according to different situations, which can help people better understand clean rooms. 1. According to the airflow clean room’s classification are as follow: (1) Laminar flow type: Airflow with parallel flow lines, uniform flow velocity, and single direction flows through the room work area. It is divided into vertical laminar flow and horizontal laminar flow. Vertical laminar flow: The high-efficiency filter is installed on the roof, the entire roof is a filter layer, the [...]