Vertical Air Shower Used In Clean Room From HaoAir Tech

Vertical Air Shower Introduction Vertical air shower is a kind of air shower. At present, the air shower room on the market is blowing by the left and right sides of the air shower nozzle, but this kind of blowing method is particularly prone to cause turbulence or eddy current, which does not achieve a good dust removal effect, but it is also very easy to bring the dust blown up into the clean room, and can not achieve a good [...]

Class 100 Operating Room Environment Control

The class 100 operating room’s environment must be controlled. Especially the temperature and humidity. Therefore, the operating room temperature in the design is set at t=22-25°C; the relative humidity is 35-60%. And the corresponding air conditioner and humidifier are configured according to different sizes of rooms. According to the principle of the three-zone and two-channel. The pressure of the surgical department is arranged from large to small as special clean operating room, general clean operating room, clean corridor, vertical passage [...]

Purification of Class 1000 Clean Room

Class 1000 clean room has a high level of cleanliness, second only to Class 100 clean room .It is often used in the pharmaceutical Industry, electronics, semiconductors, laboratories and biological products and other industries. Purification principle of 1000-Class Clean Room is as follows. Repeat the above process, can achieve the purpose of purification Class 1000 clean room belongs to a relatively strict sealed space, want to make 1000 clean room accord with standard, must do the following points well: The place selecting [...]

Clean Room’s Classification According To Differient Way

In this paper, the clean room’s classification is analyzed according to different situations, which can help people better understand clean rooms. 1. According to the airflow clean room’s classification are as follow: (1) Laminar flow type: Airflow with parallel flow lines, uniform flow velocity, and single direction flows through the room work area. It is divided into vertical laminar flow and horizontal laminar flow. Vertical laminar flow: The high-efficiency filter is installed on the roof, the entire roof is a filter layer, the [...]

Dust particles and microbial contamination in cleanroom

Cleanroom can be classified into industrial cleanroom, bio-medicine cleanroom, biosafety cleanroom. The industrial cleanroom mainly controls the inactive dust particles and maintains the relative positive pressure on the adjacent room. It is suitable for electronic industry and precision industry and so on. The bio-medical cleaning room mainly controls the pollution of living particles and dust particles to the working objects. Except that the internal materials must be used to withstand the erosion of various fungicides, it is the same [...]

Clean Rooms Personnel’s Pollution Control

According to the analysis of American FDA(Food and Drug Administration) data. The pollution caused by operators in the sterile room will reach 95% of the total pollution sources. How to control people’s contamination of drugs is an urgent problem to be solved. Therefore, in order to ensure the cleanliness of clean rooms, first of all, human factors should be controlled. 1.Clean rooms capacity. The number of people entering the clean room must be strictly controlled, generally 4 to 6 people is [...]

How to ensure the effect of air purification in a clean room

The clean room pollution is caused by both physical and human factors, hardware and software factors. For example, the fine particles carried in the process of material entering and leaving, the dust carried by the operator in and out of the clean room, the particles released from the clean room wall , the pollution caused by improper operation of personnel, etc. Ensuring clean room air purification effect is the basic guarantee to prevent clean room pollution. The design, installation and [...]

What is the dust capacity of an air filter?

The use of air filters continues to increase in both industrial and civil areas. In different fields, the types of air filters used are also different. It is believed that most users of air filters will be unfamiliar with the word “dust capacity”. Only know that the larger the dust capacity of air filters, the longer the service life. In the process of using the air filter, the dust capacity of the filter reaches saturation. Which means that the [...]

The Skills In Customers How To Select Air Filters

Air filter is an essential equipment for clean room. Many enterprises have made difficulties to select air filters. Now there are so many air filters on the market, how to choose them? In fact, as long as you master the method, it is very easy to select air filters. Select Air Filters Should Focus on final results. Many enterprises fall into a misunderstanding when select air filters, that is, they pay too much attention to the indicators of filters and neglect [...]

Air Filters’ Classification According To Filtration Efficiency

Air Filters’ Classification According To Filtration Efficiency About air filters’ classification, different countries or regions have its different classifications according to their standards. Similarly, the requirements for cleanliness vary from industry to industry. The following figure is the air filters’ classification criteria for each country. According to the work efficiency, we divide the air filter into the following types. Air Filters’ classification : 1. Primary air filter : it mainly used as a pre-filter for the fresh air inlet of the air conditioning [...]

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