High Performance V-Bank Active Carbon Filter For Airport

High Performance V-Bank Active Carbon Filter For Airport

The V-Bank Active Carbon Filter is designed to efficiently remove particulates that contaminate the indoor air as well as a wide range of odors at high air flows.

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V-Bank Active Carbon Filter Introduction:

The V-Bank Active Carbon Filter is a highly porous charcoal product which undergoes activation process using oxygen to open up millions of small pores within the carbon grain structure.
This significantly increases activated carbons’ ability for adsorption of other chemicals, which bond to the large amount of open pore surface within the activated carbon granules.

V-Bank Active Carbon Filter Features:

1.Activated carbon filters are for upgrading systems to add carbon filtration with the lowest cost per unit.
2.These filters are highly effective for removing VOCs and controlling odours and can be applied as an excellent pre-filter for use in commercial and  industrial HVAC systems.

V-Bank Activated Carbon Filter Applications:

1.Airport, luxury hotels, office buildings,Pharma, food, shopping malls and other commercial and residential buildings.
2.Museums, libraries, art galleries, computer room and other air conditioning systems.
3.Solution to acid gases (H2S, SO2,NOx,HCL,CL2,F2).


Customized size is available.




carbon content




Rid of rate

Packs Primary resistance


Air flow


592X592X292 12.3  










4 packs






592X592X292 27.1 3500
592X490X292 22.2 2800
592X287X292 13.8 1800
287X592X292 28.9 3700
592X490X292 23.9 3100
592X287X292 17.3 2250
592X592X292 36.1 4650
490X592X292 28.9 3850

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