Air Handler Activated Honeycomb Carbon Filter For Purification

It has wide applications in many fields, such as chemical industry, light industry, pharmaceutical industry, environmental protection, food industry and military industry.

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Air Handler Activated Honeycomb Carbon Filter Introduction:

Activated Honeycomb Carbon Filter is a type of high effective carbon filter to remove unpleasant odors, particulates and other pollutants.
Put granular activate carbon into the honeycomb shape core mesh, and then cover the polypropylene grid mesh on it.
Surrounded by the paperboard, plastic, aluminum or galvanized frames, the honeycomb carbon filter has a rigid and firm structure.
The honeycomb shape core mesh can be paperboard, plastic and aluminum material.
The paperboard core mesh is the most economical products, but it is not reusable.
The plastic and aluminum honeycomb core meshes are reusable and durable.
The granular activated carbon can be coconut shell activated carbon, wood activated carbon and coal activated carbons.
The shapes of activated carbon is commonly irregular and column shapes.

Activated Honeycomb Carbon Filter Specifications:

1.Infilled activated carbon type: coconut shell activated carbon, coal based activated carbon and wood based activated carbon.
2.Activated carbon shape: irregular and column.
3.Core mesh type: paperboard honeycomb mesh, aluminum honeycomb mesh and plastic honeycomb mesh.
4.Frame: aluminum frame, galvanized frame, plastic frame and paperboard frame.
5.Covering mesh: nylon mesh or polypropylene mesh.
6.Color: black.

Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter Applications:

1.The honeycomb activated carbon filter is widely adopted in the car air filters.
2.The carbon honeybomb filter can be used combined with HEPA filters.
3.The honeycomb activated carbon is mainly used for air and water purification.


Customer Size is Available.

size (W*H*D) Rate Air Flow(m3/h) Primary Resistance Media Area (g) Odor Removal Efficiency
592x592x21 1100 40pa 0.9 70%
287x592x21 550 40pa 0.44
490x592x21 950 40pa 0.8
592x592x46 1200 40pa 0.9
287x592x46 600 40pa 0.44
490x592x46 1000 40pa 0.8
592x592x50 1300 40pa 1.06
287x592x50 704 40pa 0.56
490x592x50 1173 40pa 0.93

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