250゚C HEPA High Temperature Air Filter For Industries

250゚C HEPA High Temperature Air Filter For Industries

The 250℃ High Temperature HEPA Air Filter designed to remove airborne contaminants in critical areas, in which high efficiency on fine particulate matter is required and where hot air is used during the production process.
These filters are used in a board range of industries, from the production of pharmaceutics, photos and films, to food processing. Components used for the assembly of this filter, were either specially selected for their heat resistance or because they are not severely afffected by increased temperature.

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HEPA High Temperature Air Filter Introduction:

The High Temperature Air Filter is made of ultra-fine glass fiber media, aluminum foil separator, stainless steel frame, assembled from a special high temperature-resistance sealant can use well under high temperature environment at 250~350 ℃, the frame material and thickness to provide a variety options of the frame material and thickness. Each filter has been strictly tested before factory.

High Temperature Air Filter Description:

1.Filter Media: Heat resistance high efficiency glass fiber media
2.Frame: SUS304 ( 250゚C )
3.Sealant: Heat resistance special glue.
4.Separator: 0.4mm aluminum foil.
5.Gasket: Heat resistance silicon type ( 250゚C )

High Temperature HEPA Air Filter Feature:

1.Wind speed uniformity is good.
2.High temperature resistance (≤350°).
3.Not easily deformed.
4.High dust collection efficiency,high filtration efficiency.

High Temperature HEPA Filters Application:

HEPA filters are extensively used in the terminal filtration of the civil or industrial cleansing places in the industries such as electron, semiconductor, precision mechanism, pharmacy, hospital and food, etc., which require relatively high cleanliness factors.
It is suitable to filtrate for clean.

Customer Size is Available.




Air flow


Media area


Holding dust(g) Primary resistance






320x320x150 270 2.6 155  





















484x484x150 600 6 360
610x610x150 1000 9.6 575
915x610x150 1500 14 900
1220x610x150 2000 19 1150
320x320x220 500 4 245
484x484x220 1000 9.5 600
610x610x220 1500 15 906
915x610x220 2300 22.6 1360
1220x610x220 3100 30.3 1800
320x320x292 600 5.7 350
484x484x292 1350 13 800
610x610x292 2200 21 1262
915x610x292 3300 31 1900
1220x610x292 4400 42.08 2530


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