H13-H14 HEPA Replacement Air Filter For Clean Room

The Cassette (HEPA) filter offers an economical method of installing a HEPA Filter into a Cleanroom, offering an alternative to the HEPA Terminal Housing.The Cassette HEPA Filter can also be used to create a Laminar Flow Cabinet or a specific application with the minimum of engineering.

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HEPA Replacement Air Filter Introduction:

The HEPA Replacement Air Filter ensures it yields only clean filtered air from the filter face, when connected to a duct system or fan via its spigot connection on the rear of the filter.
This is without the concerns of clamping pressures, gasket seals and the quality of the sealing mating face, associated with the traditional Terminal Housing. Once connected, only filtered air can leave the filter, as it has been factory tested and the cassette casing is the integral case of the HEPA filter as well.

H13-H14 HEPA Replacement Air Filter Features:

1.Spigotted Air Filter for direct link to fan
2.Water Repellent Paper
3.DOP Scan Tested
4.Integral Grille
5.Individually Tested
6.Can be insulated

H13-H14 HEPA Replacement Filter Applications:

Applications include clean rooms, operating theatres, research facilities, the electronic and micro-electronic industries, nuclear and pharmaceutical industries and high speed turbines.

Customer Size is Available.

Frame Size (mm)
Air Filter Size  (mm)
Hood Air Flow
360x360x180 320x320x69 250mm
or 305mm
264 2.93 126 200-220pa 400-600Pa H13-H14
524x524x180 484x484x69 595 6.61 397
650x650x180 610x610x69 940 10.44 627
670x670x180 630x630x69 1002 11.13 668
955x650x180 915x610x69 1388 15.42 925
1260x650x180 1220x610x69 1836 20.4 1224
670x1300x180 630x1260x69 2100 21.76 1306
345x345x180 305x305x69 240 2.66 160
345x650x180 305x610x69 500 5.09 305
345x955x180 305x915x69 750 7.52 450
640x640x180 600x600x69 980 10.11 607
640x1240x180 600x1200x69 1980 19.74 1185
650x1280x180 610x1240x69 2050 20.74 1244
524x1008x180 484x968x69 1250 12.85 771

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