Industrial ULPA Cartridge Air Filter For Replacement

Industrial ULPA Cartridge Air Filter For Replacement

We supply industrial filter cartridges for all dust collector types ranging from silo-top collectors, horizontally mounted cartridge collectors, pleated bag collectors, vertically mounted cartridge collectors, flat cell filter collector. We supply customized filters or standard filters for replacement.

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ULPA Cartridge Air Filter Introduction:

Haoair ULPA Cartridge Air Filter environmentally friendly Cylindrical ABS Filter Cartridge is 100% recyclable / incinerable.
By manufacturing the cartridge with PP inner mesh, it is possible to completely recycle the cartridge as a whole without having to disassemble it. Thus, we make it easier for our customers to act environmentally friendly. The Cylindrical ABS Filter Cartridge can also be manufactured with ABS end caps while maintaining the conventional galvanized or stainless steel mesh.

Air Filter Cartridge. which helps in removing micro size dust and many other particles from liquids and gases which find a huge application in concentrated alkalies, organic acid, plating solutions, dilute acids, petroleum oils and also in many other liquids.

ULPA Cartridge Air Filter Applications:

1.Pre RO water
5.Compressed air

Customer Size and alternative material is available.

Material (standard) Material (alternative)
Top cap ABS plastic
Gasket EPDM Silicone
Inner mesh Polypropylene PP
Outside straps Optional Glued or Ultrasonic welded Weltech Straps
(galvanized mesh available)
Bottom cap ABS plastic

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