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Explosion Proof Air Shower Introduction

Explosion Proof Air Shower is a highly protective purification designing to minimize hazardous substances. And allergen from personnel prior to entering a cleanroom or un – infection area . The special focus of Explosion proof air shower is that it selects explosion -proof components. Including explosion – proof microprocessor controller panel , explosion – proof lighting , explosion – proof centrifugal fan. Which can effectively reduce all types of contaminants and prevent explosion from flammable gas contacting with air . It is widely used in the environment where there are filled with explosive or flammable material. Such as sophisticated weapon producing , aerospace industry , military enterprise , oil refinery. Electronic interlocking doors prevent unnecessary contamination inflowing in order to minimize cross-contamination between the cleanroom and the Explosion – proof air shower .

Application fields

Sophisticated weapon producing , Aerospace industry , Military enterprise , Oil refinery .


Explosion Proof Air Shower features

1. Two level filtration system ( Pre – filter * 2 and HEPA filter * 2 ) and two explosion – proof centrifugal fan module ( rated 99.99 % efficient @ 0.3um ).
2. Stainless steel have good corrosion resistance and rust resistance , meeting the requirements of various clean room .
3. Explosion – proof control panel provides programmable control , including Human voice broadcast system , Emergency button . The emergency button shall be located inside and outside of the Explosion – proof Air Shower in a conspicuous location , which help you get rid of the trouble .
4. The duration of Explosion Proof Automatic Air Shower shall be adjusted to 0 – 99 seconds .
5. Electronic interlocking doors reduce contamination from the infection zone .
6. Automatic shower and energy – efficient explosion – proof lighting set to work by infrared ray inductor , better lighting and energy .
7. Variety of sizes and door ( equipped with half glass or full glass ) configurations . Custom sizes and configurations are also available .
8. Economical to operate and easy to maintain .


Design drawing

Explosion Proof Air Shower


Explosion Proof Air Shower



Explosion Proof Air Shower Parameter

Customer's design is available.

Explosion Proof Air Shower
Model HA - AS1600P1 HA - AS1600P2 HA - AS1600P3
External size:(W*D*H)㎜ 1600x1000x2180 1600X2000X2180 1600X3000X2180
Internal size:(W*D*H)㎜ 800X930x1910 800X1930x1910 800X2930x1910
Goods per cycle 1-2 persons 2-4 persons 3-6 persons
Air Shower Duration Factory set at 15 seconds (0-99adjustable)
Construction stainless steel ( 304 / 201 ), powder coated steel
Fan Consumption 750KW*2set 750KW*4sets 750KW*6sets
Fan Air Flow 1200m3/h
Fan Run 2800r/min
SUS Nozzle 16pcs 32pcs 48pcs
Wind Speed(m/s) 25-30m/s
Noise Level 〈75dB
LED 20W*1 20W*2 20W*3
HEPA Filter Size 595x595x80㎜(Mini- pleat HEPA filter)
Efficiency 99.995%@0.3um
Resistance 〈220pa
Pre-Filter Size 785x385x21㎜
Efficiency 75%@5um
Resistance 〈30Pa
Electrical Power 380V/50HZ or 60HZ
Quality guarantee 12 months


Available Selection:


  1. Construction : (T = 1.0mm / 1.2mm / 1.5mm)

(1) Stainless steel ( 304 / 201 )

(2) Powder coated steel


  1. Door :

(1) Single- door, including horizontal sliding door and 90 swing door

(2) Double-door, including horizontal sliding door and 90 swing door

(3) Vertical roll-up door


  1. Glass :

(1) Organic class or Tempered glass

(2) Half or Full


  1. Additional configuration :

(1) Iron Ant- static Device

(2) Ultraviolet Lamp

(3) Automatic door Device

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