Shoes Sole Cleaning Machine In Air Shower Room

Shoes Sole Cleaning Machine In Air Shower Room

The  shoes sole cleaning machine is usually installed in the air shower room to remove the stain on the sole of the personnel. Protect the clean room from pollution.

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Shoes Sole Cleaning Machine Description

The shoes sole cleaning machine produced by GuangZhou HaoAir purification Technology Co., Ltd. is made of stainless steel 304. The appearance is beautiful and the color is reasonable and durable. Air shower room combined with sole cleaning machine to improve purification efficiency. Received the praise of users!

Shoes Sole Cleaning Machine

Shoes Sole Cleaning Machine Market Environment

Modern high-end manufacturing industries basically need to rely on the purification workshop as an environmental support. Although the scale varies, it is a basic requirement to maintain the cleanliness of the workshop. At present, in order to keep the floor clean, most of them use sticky mats, shoe covers, and shoe membranes.
The sole cleaning machine produced by our company is an intelligent high-end ground cleaning product specially designed to meet the needs of families, clean rooms, office buildings, laboratories, hotels, hotels, large supermarkets, hospitals, etc.
Compared with other similar products, this product has the advantages of not occupying the place, intelligent operation, energy saving, no dead angle cleaning, fast cleaning speed, and cleaning the sole dust invisible during normal walking. At the same time, the product has self-cleaning function and no maintenance for a long time.


Shoes Sole Cleaning Machine Cleaning Method

The sole cleaning machine is composed of two areas: a washing area and a drying area. During the walking process, the cleaning machine performs the cleaning water dissolving, rubbing and cleaning the dust of the sole in the non-stop operation. And finally achieves the effect of completely removing the dust of the sole. The suction area is made of special dry cotton. Which can absorb the residual moisture in the sole within 1.0 seconds. After completing this series of work, the staff can enter the workshop smoothly. The whole process could be end about 15 seconds.

Water change mode :

(1) Semi-automatic equipment requires manual water exchange and sewage discharge
(2) The automatic sole cleaning machine automatically starts the sewage high-pressure water pump after washing for 20 minutes or longer. And the internal washing sewage of the machine is connected to the drain pipe to discharge the sewage. Then automatically injects clean water to realize the automatic water changing function!

Discharged sewage method:

The cleaned dust and water together form sewage, and automatically enter the sewage tank through the surface diversion trough, and discharge into the connected sewage pipeline under the natural water level pressure difference! When all the personnel enter the workshop through the equipment, the equipment will stop working in time.

Maintenance method:

Daily maintenance, clean the water storage basin 2-3 days in normal use to avoid garbage blockage of the drain outlet. There will be a small amount of residual dust on the surface of the equipment, which can be washed with a small amount of water. When the equipment is used for 4 months, use a water-absorbing vacuum cleaner to clean the sewage tank to prevent blockage!

Shoes Sole Cleaning Machine Parameters

Customer's design is available

External size 850X760X140 1338X760X140 1838X760X140 2838X760X140 3838X760X140
Clean area 450x530 615X530 1115X530 1680X530 2070X530
Dry area 400x520 400x520 400x520 819x500 146x532
Capacity of water tank 10L 15L 20L 31L 48L
Motor power 100W 140W 180W 200W 250W
Water inlet temperature 0-40C
Switching mode Infrared induction
Voltage 220V /110V
Material Stainless steel 304 (t=1.0/1.2mm)
Air shower size 1m 1.5m 2m 3m 4m
Capacity person < 50 person <150 person <200 person <500 person <1000 person
Weight 45kgs 50kgs 75kgs 115kgs 180kgs



Name Service life Maintenance cycle
Filter 5 years Open the front cover of the device and take out the filter cleaning. It is recommended to clean it at least once a day.
brush 6-12 months Clean up foreign objects on the brush once a day
Absorbent pad 6 months Clean the absorbent pad once a day
Sprocket 24 months Open the sprocket cover and apply grease. It is recommended once a month.



This is the sole cleaning machine uesd in air shower room that we designed and installed for our customers. Packing in standard carton and poly wood pallet box.

shoes sole clean machine case

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