Double Door Air Shower Tunnel For Drug Production

Double Door Air Shower Tunnel For Drug Production

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Double Door Air Shower Tunnel Introduction

Double door Air Shower Tunnel adopts air blow method to remove the dust off the staff and objectives, limits the invasion of dust. Meanwhile the air shower room works as the gas tight room preventing from the invasion of the dirt air, secures purification level for cleanroom.

The centrifugal fan integrated in Cargo Air Shower Room blows air flow through primary, HEPA filter through nozzles, which could be spun 360º. After particles are removed, the air flow will recycle back to air shower room. In order to ensure the performance, air shower room / cargo air shower room guarantees minimum 23m/s wind speed, default air shower time is 10 seconds.

Double Door Air Shower Tunnel Application

Double-door Cargo Air Shower Tunnel is usually installed at the entrance of the clean room to get out the dust attached to the goods. It is often used in food production, drug production, aerospace, precision instrument production, electronic factory, chemical factory and so on.

Double Door Air Shower Tunnel Feature

1.Accept Customization from Customers

2.CE Certification and ISO 9001 Certification

3.Double doors to facilitate the entry and exit of large goods

4.Wind speed over 25m/s

5.Design drawings are available

Double Door Air Shower Tunnel Design Drawing

Double Door Air Shower Tunnel

1.control panel    2.SUS nozzle     3.infrared ray inductor    4.emergency switch     5.working inductor window   7.HEPA air filter  8.Pre-filter       9.blower     10.door closer     11.purification light


Spare part for option

lion ant-static device

ultraviolet lamp

automatic door device


Other type air shower

Double Door Air Shower Tunnel

Technical parameter


Customer's design is available.

External size (mm) 2300x2000x2280mm 2300x3000x2280mm
Work zone (mm) 1500x2000x1980mm 1500x3000x1980mm
Persons per cycle One Small Cargo forklift. One big Cargo forklift.
Material (Option) 1:External is steel with power coated, Internal is SUS304(T=1.0/1.2/1.5mm)
2:External is steel with power coated. Internal is SUS201(T=1.0/1.2/1.5mm)
Control system 1: Control system with LED display for the shower time.
2: The shower time from 0-99second. (Adjustable)
3: Infrared ray inductor for inside personal shower automatic.
4: Three side blowing with Human voice prompt system.
5: with CE remark.
Door(option) Automatic High Speed Rolling Door

Automatic sliding door

The power of fan 380V/50HZ/0.75KW 380V/50HZ/0.75KW
(4 set) (6sets)
Air flow of fan(m3/h) 1500 1500
Fan run (r/min) 2800 2800
Nozzle in stain less steel 36 pcs 54 pcs
Wind speed(m/s) >25m/s
Noise level(dB) <75dB
HEPA FILTER Size(mm) 630X630X80mm


Efficiency (%) 99.995% @ 0.3um mini-pleats HEPA Air Filter
Air velocity 1000(m3/h)
Initial resistance(pa) <180pa
Pre-filter Size(mm) 775x380x17mm
Efficiency (%) 75% @ 0.5um
resistance(pa) <30 Pa
Power supply 380v/50HZ 3P

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