Powder Coated Steel Air Shower Tunnel

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Powder Coated Steel Air Shower Tunnel Quick Detail

Name:Powder Coated Steel Air Shower Tunnel

Material: Powder Coated Steel

Noise: <62 DB(Test Point Distance Is 1 M)
Size: Customizable

Air Velocity: 25-30 M/s
Power: 380V/50HZ

Warranty: 1 Year

Powder Coated Steel Air Shower Tunnel Introduction

The air shower tunnel is a passage for people to enter the clean room from the non-clean area. It can generate wind speed of 25-30m/s, blow off particles adsorbed on people and reduce pollution in the clean area. KeLing’s air shower Tunnel can be designed and manufactured according to the needs of our customers.

This air shower tunnel adopts powder coated steel and automatic sliding door. Having beautiful appearance, high safety, low price and high cost performance, especially suitable for electronic factory.

Powder Coated Steel Air Shower Tunnel Feature

1.Design drawings and production according to customer needs

2.The nozzle can be rotated. The wind speed is up to 25-30m/s.

3.Modified air blow direction such as vertical blow or three side blow air.

4.Can choose the door opening form according to the customer’s request

5.Modular design and easy assembly

6.L shape, U shape, S shape, T shape entry profiles


Air shower tunnel structure diagram

This is a three-side blow, 36 nozzle air shower tunnel installation drawing

Installation method: the box and the top plate, the box and the door are locked with connecting screws

Powder Coated Steel Air Shower Tunnel


Powder Coated Steel Air Shower Tunnel Detail

Powder Coated Steel Air Shower Tunnel

About us

GuangZhou HaoAir Purification Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer in air purification field for many years in China. Our products with good quality, reasonable prices and custom design.
Our main products include the cleanroom air shower , cargo air shower , static pass box , dynamic pass box , dispensing booth , vertical / horizontal laminar air flow clean cabinet , air filter,etc. All of products can be customized.
Our customers come from Pakistan , Chile , India , Algeria , Nigeria, Italy , Czech Republic , ect.

Powder Coated Steel Air Shower Tunnel

Powder Coated Steel Air Shower Tunnel Parameter

HA-AS1300T-7T Air Shower Tunnel
External size (mm)


Work zone (mm)


Persons per cycle 10-50 person
Air shower Duration Factory set at 12 second (adjustable)
Air shower direction Three side with blowing


1: Entirety Sus304.

2: Entirety sus201.

3: External is steel with power coated, Internal is SUS304.

4: External is steel with power coated. Internal is SUS201.

Control system 1: PCL control system with LED display for the shower time.

2: The shower time from 0-99second. (Adjustable).

3: Infrared ray inductor for inside personal shower automatic.

4: Human voice prompt system.

5: with CE remark

The power of Fan 380V/50HZ/750W

(6 sets)

Air flow of fan(m3/h) 1300m3/h
Fan run (r/min) 2800r/min
Nozzle in stain less steel 100 pcs
Wind speed(m/s) 23-29m/s
Noise level(dB) <62dB
LED Fluorescent Lamp 20wx6

HEPA Filter

Size(mm) 630X630X69mm
Efficiency 99.99%@0.3um
Air velocity 1000(m3/h)
Initial resistance(pa) <220pa


Size(mm) 775x380x17
Efficiency 75% @ 0.5um
Resistance(pa) <30 Pa
Electrical Power supply 380v/50Hz or 380v
Net power(kw) 0.75X6 kw

Customer’s design is available.

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