Powder Coated Steel Frame Softwall Clean Room

Powder Coated Steel Frame Softwall Clean Room

Powder Coated Steel Frame Softwall Clean Room is a kind of local cleaning equipment. It is simple, movable, easy to use and cost-effective.GuangZhou HaoAir Purification Technology Co,.ltd also accept the design and production of non-standard Vertical Lamianr Flow Booth.

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Powder Coated Steel Frame Softwall Clean Room


Name: Powder coated steel frame softwall clean room

Size: customizable

Frame material: Powder coated steel

Wall material: Plexiglass

Cleanless: ISO 7

Product introduction:

Powder coated steel frame softwall clean room is a local air purification equipment to provide high- clean environment. It is a clean room which the   most quickly and easily create. Softwall cleanroom main consist of cabinet, fan, prefilter and HEPA filter, damping layer, lamps and other components. It can be suspended, but also can be ground support, compact structure, easy to use. Can use single or multiple connections to compose of banded clean area.

 cleanroom booth interior cleanliness can be reached100-100000class level, in order to reduce structural costs of clean shed, keling changed the traditional concept of clean shed design, take a modular integrated design concept , this structure has a variety of separate clean area, for some areas of general clean class level clean room that required high clean class level do local creation to reduce costs, thus making the workers and equipment, products effectively isolated, can minimize the pollution, thereby increasing the rate of qualified products.


Powder Coated Steel Frame Softwall Clean Room


Model HA-SFC-23B HA-SFC-34A HA-SFC-68C
External Dimension (W×L×H) 2100×3100×2590 3100×4100×2590 6100×8100×2590
Internal Work Zone  (W×L×H) 2000×3000×2200 3000×4000×1900 6000×8000×2200
Clean Class Level 1000Class(ISO6) 100Class(ISO5) 10000Class(ISO7)
Air Velocity 0.3-0.5m/s 0.3-0.5m/s 0.3-0.5m/s
Noise ≤65dB ≤65dB ≤65dB
Vibration Half Peak ≤5um ≤5um ≤5um
Light 40W×2 40W×2 40W×2
Power Supply 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Material Framework: Epoxy powder coated steel/ Stainless steel/Aluminum

Wall: Anti-static strip curtain/Soft air curtain/Plexiglas


Advantages Show of the cleanroom:

1: Economy – compared to the traditional civil style clean room, the cost is greatly reduced

2: Efficiency – supply clean vertical airflow, maintaining the clean class level of indoor

3: Convenience – a standard clean shed (10m*10m) only take a few hours to install, easier disassemble.

4: Flexibility – bracket type can increase the number of FFU in order to raised clean class level from ten thousand up to one hundred thousand



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