Portable Clean Booth Soft wall Clean Room

Portable Clean Booth Soft wall Clean Room

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Portable Clean Booth Soft wall Clean Room


Portable Clean Booth Soft wall Clean Room is a kind of air purification equipment. Clean shed from the main box, fan, early efficiency air filters, damping layer, etc. the lamp shell spray. The product can be suspended, and can be ground support, compact structure, easy to use. Clean studio (simple clean room) is a most convenient to establish simple clean room, clean studio with a variety of clean grade and space collocation can according to the use requirements of design, so the simple using elastic big easy installation and short construction period and mobility for its main characteristic, clean studio and in the general level of clean room in some areas need high cleanliness do the partial addition to reduce the cost for.

Clean studio using industrial aluminum or stainless steel square, square iron through spray) as a framework, fan filter unit(FFU) air, flying all around anti-static curtian (or glass), the internal purification level can reach class 100-10000. Applicable to the operating area of the local high level of purification requirements.




Customer’s design is available!

Name Portable Clean Booth Soft wall Clean Room
Ex size (mm)(W*D*H) 3000X3000X2596
In size (mm) 2900x2900x2205
Purification rank Class10-300,000(FS209E USA)
HEPA filter efficiency 99.99% @ 0.3um – 99.999% @ 0.12um (MPPS)
Pre-filterEfficiency 85% @ 5um
Control system PC control system / promised speed by control box
Pressure Gauge American Dywer pressure
Noise <50-55 dB (test point distance is 1m)
Air velocity(m3/h) 0.2-0.5m/s Adjustable (test point distance is 30cm)
Frame material stainless steel/steel with power coated/Cast aluminum profile
Wall frame Tempered glass / PVC anti-static curtain (option)
Fan EBM Fan /Taiwan fan/ Domestic fan (option)
Power suppler AC110/220v 50HZ/60HZ


1.can be used alone, can also be used in combination.

2. compared with the civil construction or assembly type clean room, less investment, quick effect, easy installation, low operating cost.

3. Modular structure, improve the cleanliness class is easy, strong, and repeat the use of high value.

4. Easy to move(can be installed universal wheel).

Portable Clean Booth Soft wall Clean Room

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