Air Shower Door Soft Wall Clean Room

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Air Shower Door Soft Wall Clean Room

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Name: Air Shower Door Soft Wall Clean Room
External size : 3500x4500x2596 mm
Internal Size: 3400x4400x2205 mm
Purification rank: Class100
HEPA filter efficiency: 99.999%@0.3 um
Laminar flow: vertical
Air speed :0.3-0.6 m/s
Power: 220 V/50 HZ



laminar air flow booth modular interior cleanliness can be reached100-100000class level, in order to reduce structural costs of clean shed, YANING changed the traditional concept of clean shed design, take a modular integrated design concept , this structure has a variety of separate clean area, for some areas
 of general clean class level clean room that required high clean class level do local creation to reduce costs, thus making the workers and equipment, products effectively isolated, can minimize the pollution, thereby increasing the rate of qualified products.


1: Food industry,

2: aerospace,

3:life sciences,


5: medical devices,

6:plastic injection module,

7: electronics assembly

8:hospital pharmacy




Technical Parameter:

Name Air Shower Door Soft Wall Clean Room
Ex size (mm)
In size (mm) 2400x2400x2205mm
Purification rank Class10000(FS209E USA)
HEPA filter Efficiency : 99.99% @ 0.3um – 99.999% @ 0.12um (MPPS)
Pre-filter Efficiency : 85% @ 5um
Control system  PC control system / promised speed by control box
Pressure Gauge  American Dywer pressure
Noise <50-55 dB  (test point distance is 1m)
 Air velocity
    0.2-0.5m/s Adjustable   (test point distance is 30cm)
Frame material  stainless steel/steel with power coated/Cast aluminum profile
Wall frame Tempered glass / PVC anti-static curtain (option)
Fan EBM Fan /Taiwan fan/ Domestic fan (option)
Power suppler     AC110/220v  50HZ/60HZ

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