Pharmaceutical Softwall Clean Booth/Down Flow Booth

Pharmaceutical Softwall Clean Booth/Down Flow Booth

Name:Softwall Clean Booth
Other Name: Laminar Flow Down Booth
Type:Clean Room
Door:PVC Curtain Door
Frame Material: SUS 304/ Powder Coated Steel/ Aluminum Profile Original: GuangDong China

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Pharmaceutical Softwall Clean Booth Introduction



We specialize in Class 10 to Class 100,000 (ISO 4 – ISO 8) GMP directional Wheels ISO6 PVC Wall Dehumidifier Modular Cleanboothcleanrooms that are used for some of the following activities: Pharmaceutical Production Cleanrooms, Medical Production Cleanroom, pharmaceutical storage rooms, temperature controlled rooms, bio-safety laboratories, pharmaceutical research laboratories, stem cell research laboratories, server control rooms, organic chemistry laboratories, laser rooms, microbiology laboratories, dry rooms and more.

The ISO5 GMP directional wheels dehumidifier modular cleanbooth For Laboratory belong to a new fashion product, its suitable for high cleanliness part area working, can make the working environment reach to a high cleanliness but no need change all room to cleanroom, not only save the cost, but also saving time to make it, usually cleanbooth production time arround 15-20days, and easy to install it.

Pharmaceutical Softwall Clean Booth also have easy move, light weight, material choose fixing …etc advatage. more and more customer choose this equipment to replace standard cleanroom project.


When start the clean room

What information do you need to provide us for design the cleanbooth
1.What industry do you need the cleanbooth

2.What size and height and cleanliness do you need for cleanbooth?

3.What kind of work will be do in cleanbooth?

4.What kind of material for wall you want?

5.Do you have another special requirment?




Class Model Dimension (WxDxH)mm
*inner height
FFU Q’ty Airflow (m3/h)
Class 10-100 MCR4X4 1220X1220X2150 2 2300
Class 10-100 MCR4X8 1220X2440X2150 4 4600
Class 10-100 MCR8X8 2440X2440X2150 8 9200
Class 10-100 MCR8X12 2440X3660X2150 12 13800
Class 10-100 MCR8X16 2440X4880X2150 16 18400
Class 10-100 MCR8X20 2440X6100X2150 20 23000
Class 10-100 MCR12X12 3660X3660X2150 18 20700
Class 1000 MCR8X12 2440X3660X2150 9 10350
Class 1000 MCR8X16 2440X4880X2150 12 13800
Class 1000 MCR8X20 2440X6100X2150 15 17250
Class 1000 MCR10X12 3050X3660X2150 8 9200
Class 1000 MCR12X12 3660X3660X2150 10 11500
Class 1000 MCR12X16 3660X4880X2150 12 13800
Class 1000 MCR12X20 3660X6100X2150 16 18400
Class 10,000 MCR8X8 2440X2440X2150 2 2300
Class 10,000 MCR8X12 2440X3660X2150 2 2300
Class 10,000 MCR8X16 2440X4880X2150 4 4600
Class 10,000 MCR12X16 3660X4880X2150 5 5750

Other sizes as request.


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Pharmaceutical Softwall Clean Booth


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