The Skills In Customers How To Select Air Filters

Air filter is an essential equipment for clean room. Many enterprises have made difficulties to select air filters. Now there are so many air filters on the market, how to choose them? In fact, as long as you master the method, it is very easy to select air filters.

select air filters

  1. Select Air Filters Should Focus on final results.

    Many enterprises fall into a misunderstanding when select air filters, that is, they pay too much attention to the indicators of filters and neglect their final filtering effect. Of course, many people must say that filters with good indicators have better filtering effect. There’s no doubt about that, but it’s important to know that some filters with good indicators are often more expensive. If your workshop only needs 1000 levels of cleanliness, but you have to improve its cleanliness to 100 levels, in fact, the effect is not much improved, but spent a lot of money, can be said the loss outweighs the gain. Therefore, when choosing air purifier, we should consider the final filtration effect and choose a suitable filter for our production environment. Of course, when they are of the same value, we should select air filters with better indicators.

  2. Select Air Filters Noise must be considered. 

    This is no longer a filtering problem, but a production problem. When select air filters, we should not neglect the problem of noise in our work besides the concern for the filters themselves. Noise does not affect the filtering effect of air filters. Why should we pay special attention to it? Air filters work almost 24 hours uninterruptedly. If they have strong noise, they will definitely have a great impact on production. After all, no one is willing to work in a continuous strong noise environment. So when select air filters, noise must be taken into account.

  3. The quality of filter materials should be guaranteed.

    In the process of selecting air filters, attention should be paid to ensure that the quality of the filter materials is guaranteed. At present, the best filter can absorb substances above 0.3 micron, ensure that impurities contained in its space can be best absorbed, and ensure the purity of air.

  4. Consideration of Purification Effect.

    In the process of choosing air filter, attention should also be paid to the selection of its purifying effect. Generally, it refers to how many square meters of space can be purified in the process of purification. To ensure that the air in this space can reach the best level. Selection needs to be based on the size of the environment used to determine, to ensure that the use of the environment can achieve the best results.

  5. Pay attention to the amount of impurities adsorbed by the adsorbing material.

    It is also important to note how many impurities can be adsorbed by the adsorbent material of the filter. Whether it can continue to use after adsorbing impurities.

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