What is the dust capacity of an air filter?

The use of air filters continues to increase in both industrial and civil areas. In different fields, the types of air filters used are also different. It is believed that most users of air filters will be unfamiliar with the word “dust capacity”. Only know that the larger the dust capacity of air filters, the longer the service life. In the process of using the air filter, the dust capacity of the filter reaches saturation. Which means that the service life of the filter is reached. So how to calculate the dust capacity of the air filter? How to ensure its service life effectively in the process of use? Here’s a brief introduction.

dust capacity

Definition of dust capacity

What is the dust capacity of the filter: the dust capacity refers to the maximum allowable dust accumulation of the filter. When the dust accumulation exceeds this value, the resistance of the filter will increase and the filtration efficiency will decrease. Therefore, the dust capacity of the filter is generally defined as the amount of dust accumulated. When the resistance due to dust accumulation reaches the prescribed value (usually twice the initial resistance). Under the action of a certain air volume.

Relationship between resistance and dust particles

The increase of resistance is related to the size of solid dust particles. After dust deposits on the filter, the effect on its efficiency is very complex. At a certain wind speed, it depends on the nature of the filter material. The nature and size of the dust particles. For example, the air filter paper made of general fibre material, increases the contact resistance retention effect of the filter, because of the dust accumulation. And at the same time, other dust particles accumulate on the retained dust particles, due to the charge action of the dust particles, thus improving the filter efficiency. But when the dust accumulation reaches a certain limit, the accumulated dust will fly away or hit. Because of the pressure difference between the two sides is too large. The filter material penetration results in a serious decrease in the efficiency of the filter.

Air filter life

The service life of the air filter can be calculated according to the parameters of the rated dust capacity of the air filter. Usually the service life of air filter is the time to reach the rated dust capacity. The service life of air filters is related to the amount of dust emitted from indoor dust sources, the dust particles carried by people and the concentration of atmospheric dust particles. Under the condition of air pollution in most central cities in China, the service life of high efficiency filters used in clean rooms is about 3 months.

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