180°C High Temperature Turbine Air Filter For the Energy And Electric Utility Industry

180°C High Temperature Turbine Air Filter For the Energy And Electric Utility Industry

Gas turbine pre-filters are designed to protect gas turbines against foreign particles in the air offering a stable low pressure drop and longer life.
Combining the ability to combat moisture, pressure surges, heavy vibrations, while maintaining superior dust collection.

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Turbine Air Filter Introduction:

The turbine Air Filter functioning of the gas turbine is heavily reliant on Inlet air filtration systems.
With the passage of time, these systems have evolved from simple coarse solid particulate removal systems to sophisticated and efficient systems capable to filter both solid & liquid particles.
This evolution and development of filtration systems was necessary in view of increasing sensitive nature of the particles entering gas turbine.
The technology has led to higher tolerance of the machines and systems in modern turbines for increased operating temperature.

Due to these reasons, choosing the inlet filtration system is crucial point of the gas turbine design.
Sub-standard inlet air systems can negatively affect operations, performance and lifespan of the gas turbine.
The improper functioning of the inlet filtration can lead to erosion, corrosion and fouling. Hence, the efficiency and output up gradation of gas turbines should be ensured by availability of proper inlet filtration.

High Temperature Turbine Air Filter Features:

1.These filters can withstand extremely high temperatures, making them effective for facilities that routinely experience high heat.
2.The filters are composed of special components that resist extreme temperature changes, making them optimal for air filtration at high temperatures.
3.The aluminum frame is self-extinguishing and is sturdy enough to repel corrosion inhibitors at high temperatures.
4.The filter media is made of fiberglass, which operates perfectly at any temperature.

Application for the Energy & Electric Utility Industry

Customer Size is Available.

Nominal Size(mm)


Size (mm)(W*H*D) Pleats Type Flanger Air Flow


Face Velocity Primary

Resistance (pa)


Resistance (Pa)

12*12*6 305x305x150 Deep AL
Foile Pleats
Two side 360 1.3 F6: 90Pa
12*24*6 305x610x150 Two side 720 1.3
24*24*6 610x610x150 Two side 1680 1.3
30*24*6 762x610x292 Two side 2160 1.3
12*12*12 305x305x292 Two side 600 2.5
12*24*12 305x610x292 Two side 1320 2.5
24*24*12 610x610x292 Two side 3000 2.5
30*24*12 762x610x292 Two side 3600 2.5

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