Terminal HEPA Filter Box For Air Outlet

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Terminal HEPA Filter Box Introduction

Terminal HEPA Filter Box is an ideal terminal filter device for 10000, 10000 and 100000 grade purifying air conditioning system, which can be widely used in the fields of medicine, sanitation, electronics, chemical industry and so on. The high-efficiency air supply outlet is used as the terminal filter device to transform and build 1000-300000 clean rooms at all levels. It is the key equipment to meet the purification requirements. The high-efficiency air supply outlet includes a static pressure box, a diversion plate, a high-efficiency filter, and an air flow regulating valve. The interface with the air duct can be top-connected or side-connected.


Terminal HEPA Filter Box Main Features

The static pressure box is made of low carbon steel material, and the high efficiency filter and static pressure box are made into one whole. At the air inlet of the static pressure box, the regulating valve adjusts the air supply uniformity and the static pressure effect. Light weight, easy to install and more convenient, especially suitable for installation in clean rooms in the form of aluminum alloy keels.

Application :

Applied to the end filtration of high civilian or industrial clean site for cleanliness.such as:
Electronics,semiconductor, precision machinery, pharmaceutical, hospital, food and other industries.

Terminal HEPA Filter Box  Main performance parameters

1. Purification efficiency: high efficiency ≥99.99% (sodium flame method) sub-efficiency ≥85% (sodium flame method)

2. Initial resistance: high efficiency ≤ 235.44Pa sub-efficient ≤ 69

Terminal HEPA Filter Box Product Specification:

Model Dimension(mm)

Excluding thickness of insulation cotton


HEPA filter size

(mm) W*L*H

Rated air volume/Initial resistance

(m3/h & Pa)

HA-12 1200*600*180 1160*560*70 1050/120 H13
HA-11 1200*570*180 1130*530*70 960/120 H13
HA-91 915*600*180 875*560*70 780/120 H13
HA-87 870*570*180 830*530*70 700/120 H13
HA-60 600*600*180 560*560*70 480/120 H13
HA-57 570*570*180 530*530*70 450/120 H13

Customized design is available



Terminal HEPA Filter Box

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