Softwall Modular Cleanroom For Biological Engineering

Softwall Modular Cleanroom For Biological Engineering

Softwall modular cleanroom is a kind of local cleaning equipment. It is simple, movable, easy to use and cost-effective.GuangZhou HaoAir Purification Technology Co,.ltd also accept the design and production of non-standard softwall clean room.

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Softwall Modular Cleanroom Introduction

The Softwall modular Cleanroom can be easily installed in any location. It can provide a Clean Environment where you need it. They are used for electronic assembly, medical device assembly, product isolation, spot cleanliness over fill line. Applications in every conceivable size and room cleanliness classification. The standard unit is composed of a Clear Satin Anodized Aluminum Frame for an aesthetically pleasing look with minimum maintenance. Units are available with floor anchors, leveling feet or casters for portable applications.

Unlike permanent, hard wall cleanroom systems, soft wall cleanrooms feature plastic, often translucent strips suspended from a ceiling or other high point of attachment. They can also be enclosed by tightly stretched fabric on a frame.

Semiconductor fabrication, medical testing, biotechnology research, and other very sensitive processes can be conducted in soft wall cleanrooms. Many processes that don’t require extreme levels of decontamination can be conducted within soft wall cleanrooms.

They are often easily installed, and some varieties are portable; these qualities can make soft wall cleanrooms more economical than hard wall alternatives, especially for smaller-scale operations that don’t require constant access to a strictly controlled working environment. When combined with other control measures like protective clothing for workers (such protective clothes are sometimes called bunny suits), air filters, and double doors, soft wall cleanrooms are capable of achieving high levels of decontamination.

Softwall Modular Cleanroom Feature

  • Cleanliness from Class 100 – 100,000
  • Clear Satin Anodized 6063-T5 Aluminum Frame
  • Clear Solid Softwall Vinyl curtains around perimeter with strip entrances as required for entry/exit
  • Mac-10 HEPA Fan Filter Unit
  • Sealed Cleanroom Light Troffers to provide 100 foot candles at working height level
  • Heavy duty 1-1/2” clear satin anodized aluminum ceiling support T-grid
  • Gasket for ceiling supplied to insure a positive seal
  • Pre-wired prior to shipping with light/FFU switch, power cord(s) or junction box
  • Designed to meet ISO Cleanroom Air Cleanliness standards
  • Many options are available for these systems including clear antistatic vinyl curtain for static concerns or all stainless steel frames for pharmaceutical applications.

Softwall Modular Cleanroom Parameter

Customer's design is available

Ex size (mm)


2000X2000X2596 3000X3000X2596 4000X4000X2596 5000X5000X2596
In size (mm) 1900x1900x2205 2900x2900x2205 3900x3900x2205 4900x4900x2205
Purification rank Class10-300,000(FS209E USA)
HEPA filter Efficiency : 99.99% @ 0.3um - 99.999% @ 0.12um (MPPS)
Pre-filter Efficiency : 85% @ 5um
Control system PC control system / promised speed by control box
Pressure Gauge American Dywer pressure
Noise <50-55 dB (test point distance is 1m)
Air velocity


0.2-0.5m/s Adjustable (test point distance is 30cm)
Frame material stainless steel/steel with power coated/Cast aluminum profile
Wall frame Tempered glass / PVC anti-static curtain (option)
Fan EBM Fan /Taiwan fan/ Domestic fan (option)
Power suppler AC110/220v 50HZ/60HZ


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