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S Type Air Shower Quicky Detail:

Name: S Type Air Shower

External Size: 1300x5000x2200mm

Internal size :  800X4900X2000

Purification rank: Class100

HEPA filter efficiency: 99.999%@0.3um

Personal per cycle: 3-20 person

SUS nozzle:80 pcs

Blower way: three side blower

Air speed :>25m/s

Power: 380V/50HZ


S Type Air Shower Introduction:

The greatest source of particulate contamination in a clean room is the operator air shower are installed between change areas and the clean room, the air shower enhances clean room operating protocol by serving as a reminder to all operators that they are entering a controlled environment, personnel should be gowning up properly before entering the air shower, after you pass the air shower


S Type Air Shower Applications:

Semiconductor plant, microelectronics plant, bio-pharmaceutical plant, etc


S Type Air Shower Operating features :

1: Completely self-contained, pre-wired, fully equipped Air Shower/Tunnel systems help solve      decontamination problems
2: HEPA filter/blower modules (rated 99.97% efficient @ 0.3 micron particles)
wash personnel with Class 100 air to dislodge and remove particles
Solid-state microprocessor panel provides programmable control over access door operation
3:  Microelelctrincs control system with LED display for the shower time.

4:  the air shower duration time adjustable from 0-99second.

5:  Infrared ray inductor for inside personal shower automatic from three side

6:  Human being voice remind of user progress in chamber.

7:  Interlocking doors minimize contamination, release automatically in the event of power failure
8: Fluorescent lighting is housed in the ceiling for minimal turbulence
9: Available in white epoxy-finished CR steel, stainless steel, or combination of
CR steel and stainless steel to meet various cleanroom requirements
10: Variety of sizes and door configurations ,Economical to operate, easy to maintai

11: Emergency switch help you out of trouble, Comply with CE Test


About us

HaoAir can custom manufacture air shower tunnel to suit your application, typical modifications including:

1: Customize air showers modified dimensions.
2: Customize air showers modified air blow direction such as vertical blow air or three side blow air
3: Automatic sliding door with IR sensor for hands-free operation
4: Multiple modules can be ordered to form 1 tunnel system.
5: L Shape, U shape, S shape, T Shape entry profiles

S Type Air Shower

S Type Air Shower Parameter

                             HA-AS1300T-5Z  Air Shower Tunnel
External size (mm)(WXDXH) 1300x5000x2200mm
Work zone (mm)(WXDXH) 790x4900x2000mm
Persons per cycle    3-20 person
Air shower Duration Factory set at 12 second (adjustable)
 Air shower direction Two side with blowing


1: Entirety Sus304.

2: Entirety sus201.

3: External is steel with power coated, Internal is SUS304.

4: External is steel with power coated. Internal is SUS201.

Control system 1: PCL control system with LED display for the shower time.

2: The shower time from 0-99second. (Adjustable).

3: Infrared ray inductor for inside personal shower automatic.

4: Human voice prompt system.

5: with CE remark.

The power of Fan 380V/50HZ/750W

(5 sets)

Air flow of fan(m3/h)     1300m3/h
Fan run (r/min) 2800r/min
Nozzle in stain less steel   80 pcs
Wind speed(m/s)   23-29m/s
Noise level(dB)    <62dB
LED Fluorescent Lamp 20wx3

HEPA Filter

Size(mm) 630X630X69mm
Efficiency 99.99%@0.3um
Air velocity 1000(m3/h)
Initial resistance(pa)    <220pa


Size(mm)     775x380x17
Efficiency   75% @ 0.5um
Resistance(pa)    <30 Pa
Electrical Power supply     380v/50Hz
   Net power(kw)      0.75X5 kw

Customer’s design is available.

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