Air Condition System Pleated Active Carbon Filter Supply Fresh Air

Air Condition System Pleated Active Carbon Filter Supply Fresh Air

Carbon pleated filters are designed to provide odor and particulate control where light to moderate odor conditions exist. They are used for general air filtration in all types of cooling, heating, and ventilating systems. These pleated filters are also excellent prefilters for higher-efficiency filters.

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Air Condition System Pleated Active Carbon Filter Introduction: 

The Pleated Active Carbon Filter is an effective way to remove and prevent odors / fume buildup in recirculated air. Permatron offers two types of disposable, extended surface carbon pleated air filters, with 60% activity granular activated carbon. This 1″ pleated type filter has approximately 3X the effective carbon media surface of our ¼” panel filter.

Pleated Active Carbon Filter Features:

1.Economical solution to many odor problems, from light to moderate
2.MERV 6 particulate efficiency
3.Directly interchangeable with standard air filters
4.No expensive housings or ductwork modifications are necessary
5.Easy to install
6.Customer Size is available.

Pleated Carbon Filter Applications:

1.Commercial Buildings
2.Data Centers
3.Food and Beverage
6.Museums & Historic Storage
7.Schools and Universities

Customer Size is Available.

size (W*H*D) Rate Air Flow(m3/h) Primary Resistance Media Area (g) Odor Removal Efficiency
592x592x21 1100 40pa 0.9 70%
287x592x21 550 40pa 0.44
490x592x21 950 40pa 0.8
592x592x46 1200 40pa 0.9
287x592x46 600 40pa 0.44
490x592x46 1000 40pa 0.8
592x592x50 1300 40pa 1.06
287x592x50 704 40pa 0.56
490x592x50 1173 40pa 0.93

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