HEPA Filter Boxes For Electronic Factory

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Place of Origin: CHINA
Certification: CE
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Plywood packing
Delivery Time: 7-15 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000 sets per month

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HEPA Filter Boxes Introduction

Hepa filter boxes are ideal terminal filtration devices for thousands, tens of thousands, and 100,000 levels of purified air conditioning systems, which can be widely used in the purification air conditioning systems of the medical, health, electronics, and chemical industries. Hepa unit is used as a terminal filter for the reconstruction and construction of a 1000-3 00000 grade cleaning room, and is a key equipment to meet the purification requirements. High efficiency air outlet includes static pressure box, discharge plate, high efficiency filter, the interface with the air pipe can be a top or side connection.

HEPA filter box has good air flow structure and can make the whole clean area purified and ensure the purifying effect. It is the final filtration for the clean room. With less investment, and simple construction.

Materials and operating conditions

●External frame:Expoxy coated cooling roll steel or SS stainless

●Operation: manual air flow damper

●filter: HEPA air filter.99.99%

●Use the highest temperature, humidity:80℃,80%

●contains the static pressure box, HEPA filter, diffuser, and duct can connect to the side or top.

HEPA Filter Boxes Application :

It’s widely used in pharmaceutical, foods, laboratory, operating table, micro-electronics, film, optical equipment, precision instruments, and other high cleanliness requirements of working environment.


HEPA Filter Boxes Specification:


Type Air plenum HEPA Filter Size (mm) Air Flow (m³/h) Blast Pipe Size (A×B, mm) Blast Pipe Link (C×D, mm) Assemble Size (T×S×R×G, mm)
size (L×W×H, mm)
HA-320 370×370×530 320×320×220 500 200×200 250×250 438×438
HA-484 534×534×530 484×484×220 1000 320×200 370×250 588×588×394×294
HA-610 660×660×460 610×610×150 320×250 370×300 716×716×358×358
HA-820 87×650×460 820×600×150 1200 320×250 370×300 926×706×436×353
HA-630 680×680×530 630×630×220 1500 320×250 370×300 736×736×368×368
HA-726 776×534×530 726×484×220 400×200 450×250 832×590×416×295
HA-915 965×660×460 915×610×150 400×250 500×300 1022×716×511×358
HA-968 1018×534×530 968×484×220 200 500×200 550×250 1074×590×537×298
HA-1220 1270×660×460 1220×610×150 500×250 550×250 1326×716×332×358
HA-945 955×680×530 945×630×220 2200 500×250 550×300 1052×736×526×368
HA-1260 1310×680×530 1260×630×220 3000 500×250 650×300 1336×736×455×368


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