Fireproof Sandwich Panels Clean Booth

Name:Softwall Clean Booth
Other Name: Laminar Flow Down Booth
Wall:Fire Proof Sandwich Panel
Door:Air Shower Door/ Steel Airtight Door
Corner Treatment:Aluminum Profile
Original: GuangDong China

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Fireproof Sandwich Panels Clean Booth Introduction



The airflow in a modular cleanroom is a very important factor in the overall performance of the cleanroom. Most cleanrooms have an average air velocity of between 0.25-0.5 m/s. This is a relatively low air velocity, and therefore has the potential to be interrupted or disturbed by people and/or machinery within the cleanroom. On the other hand, raising the air speed too high will increase operational costs. When deciding upon the air speed to set within a cleanroom, an enterprise must first confirm that the selected air speed will be able to maintain an environment that meets cleanliness standards. However, the air speed required to meet these requirements should not be exceeded by too much, otherwise you will incur unnecessary costs.


Fireproof Sandwich Panels Clean Booth Features:

(1) Assembly structure designed, easy installation and easily moved

(2) Directional wheels can be installed, suitable for small building and high cleanliness area;

(3) Modular design: clean booth can be as small as several square meters and can be as large as hundreds of square meters

(4) It has large useful and effective area; while compared with traditional clean room, it has such features like low investment, high return and stable.



Fireproof Sandwich Panels Clean Booth

Following options are available


1. Pass box

2. Air shower

3. ULPA filter

4. Sticky mats

5. Barometer

6. Gowning area

7. Pressure different control device

8. Transparent/grid PVC curtain

9. Thermo-static and humid-static air conditioning system.



When start the clean room


What information do you need to provide us for design the cleanbooth
1.What industry do you need the cleanbooth

2.What size and height and cleanliness do you need for cleanbooth?

3.What kind of work will be do in cleanbooth?

4.What kind of material for wall you want?

5.Do you have another special requirment?




Class Model Dimension (WxDxH)mm
*inner height
FFU Q’ty Airflow (m3/h)
Class 10-100 MCR4X4 1220X1220X2150 2 2300
Class 10-100 MCR4X8 1220X2440X2150 4 4600
Class 10-100 MCR8X8 2440X2440X2150 8 9200
Class 10-100 MCR8X12 2440X3660X2150 12 13800
Class 10-100 MCR8X16 2440X4880X2150 16 18400
Class 10-100 MCR8X20 2440X6100X2150 20 23000
Class 10-100 MCR12X12 3660X3660X2150 18 20700
Class 1000 MCR8X12 2440X3660X2150 9 10350
Class 1000 MCR8X16 2440X4880X2150 12 13800
Class 1000 MCR8X20 2440X6100X2150 15 17250
Class 1000 MCR10X12 3050X3660X2150 8 9200
Class 1000 MCR12X12 3660X3660X2150 10 11500
Class 1000 MCR12X16 3660X4880X2150 12 13800
Class 1000 MCR12X20 3660X6100X2150 16 18400
Class 10,000 MCR8X8 2440X2440X2150 2 2300
Class 10,000 MCR8X12 2440X3660X2150 2 2300
Class 10,000 MCR8X16 2440X4880X2150 4 4600
Class 10,000 MCR12X16 3660X4880X2150 5 5750

Other sizes as request.



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