Customized Air Shower Cabinet Leaning Against Wall

Customized Air Shower Cabinet Leaning Against Wall

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Place of Origin: China
Certification: CE
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1sets
Packaging Details: polywood packing
Delivery Time: 15 working days
Supply Ability: 10set/ month

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Customized Air Shower Tunnel Leaning Against The Wall



1. Airshower is necessary for workers when he/she entering the clean room.It can reduce the pollution bring into clean room by people.

2 Air shower is a strong purification equipment, installed between the clean room and non-clean room. The dust carry on the woker will be remove by blowing leaching before the worker into the clean room.It can effectively block or reduce the source of dust into the clean area. Airshower around two doors for electronic interlocking, but also play the role of an airlock, preventing unpurified air into the clean area.

Airshower & air shower channel standard configuration functions

3.The style of the air shower is customized Air Shower Cabinet Leaning Against Wall. It  can vary under different building conditions. We accept design and customization of various types of air showers




1 Using automatic control operation, two-door electronic interlocking, automatic induction air shower, double doors locked when you blow shower.

2 Cold spray series, using multi-acid technology, electrostatic dust-free spray.

3 Stainless steel handle, thick stainless steel base plate, stainless steel nozzle as the basic configuration.

4 With digital blowing leaching time, air shower time is 0 ~ 99s adjustable, and displays air shower time.

5 Using the new design concept designed to send the wind leaching system wind speed can reach 25m / s ~ 32m / s super speed, to ensure that the person entering the clean room to achieve complete removal of the perfect effect.



1. Appearance size: generally 3 meters above the air shower tunnel, also known as the air shower corridor, can be 5 meters, 6 meters, or even longer;

2 air shower nozzle: 360 degree can be rotated type embedded mirror stainless steel 304 nozzle, left and right sides of the distribution, blowing direction can be rotated;

3 purification fan: special purification of low noise fan, according to the length of the air shower length, general 1set/ meter layout;

4 blow the wind speed: double blow, 25-30m/s (wind speed meter), large wind speed to ensure the effect of blowing;

5. air showering time: LED blue screen LCD display to air showering time. (0-99s), stainless steel control panel or LCD touch screen;

6. Control system: Electronical or PLC control system, the program can be customized according to customer requirements, with the OTS fault display function

8 photoelectric switch: Japan OMRON (OMRON) photoelectric switch, automatic induction blowing, intelligent warm English voice prompt system;



Model: Customized Air Shower Cabinet Leaning Against Wall


(material )


Stainless Steel/steel with power coated
Operation Time (Adjustable) 0-99 seconds adjustable
Pre Filter Washable pre-filter unit (Non-WovenSynthetic Polyester)
HEPA Filters mini-pleats Glass pleated non-woven fabric filter having 99.99% efficiency 0.3 micron particle size.
Air Flow One side/two side/tower flow/multidirectional
Face velocity 6000 ft./min + 20 feet
Air Flow Control Solid State Control Unit
Illumination Fluorescent light illumination greater than 800 lux on work table
Blower Assembly Centrifugal lubricated bearing type ISI marked assembly
Noise level Noise level less than 75 dB
Add on Features Sequential feature operation by door mat magnetic switch.
Power Requirements 1.5K watts – 4Kwatts (Model specific)
Nominal voltage 220/380Volts,
Frequency 50/60 Hz


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