Customizable Horizontal Laminar Flow Bench

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Customizable Horizontal Laminar Flow Bench Introduction

HaoAir Tech’s cuotomizable horizontal laminar flow bench is a kind of local purification table with strong versatility. It has less noise and outward wind direction. It is commonly used in the electronic industry. The advantage of horizontal laminar flow bench is that it is open and has no protective baffle. It is convenient to operate and take goods. It can effectively improve work efficiency, but it can not work on products harmful to human body, because it will be harmful to operator’s health.

customitable Horizontal laminar flow bench

Customizable Horizontal Laminar Flow Bench Characteristic

1. Seismic isolation working table.
2. Door glass adopts push-pull up and down type, which has novel structure and is easy to observe.
3. In the protection of clean air flow, the pollution of articles can be effectively prevented.
4. Suitable for variable air supply system with high and low wind speed.
5. Adjustable, reliable operation, low consumption and energy saving. It can be equipped with lighting and sterilization system.
6. Digital display control interface, more humanized design.
7. Universal casters can be freely movable, flexible and convenient.

Customizable Horizontal Laminar Flow Bench Design drawings

1.control board    2.power cable   3.purification light    4.pressure indication         5.HEPA air filter

6. Antistatic acrylic plate        7.socket        9.pre-filter       10.wheel

Customizable Horizontal Laminar Flow Bench

Factory test:


All of equipment is individually factory tested for safety and performance in accordance with international Standards. Each unit is shipped with a documentation outlining the tests undertaken and the units individual results for each unit.

Factory test include:

–functional test and visual inspection

–electrical safety tests

–air velocity testing

–purification rank test (if need)




Our equipment is warranty for 1 year excluding consumable parts and accessories.

All equipment is shipped with a comprehensive use’s manual complete with a report documenting all test procedures.

Additional IO/OQ/GMP document is available upon request.

Contact our sales representative for specific warranty details or document request.



Customizable Horizontal Laminar Flow Bench parameter

Customer's design is available.

External size (mm)


960x780x1580 1200X820X1580 1500X900X1580
Work zone (mm)


930x600x650 1180x600x650 1480 x600x650
Purification rank FS209E 100Rank
Rating airflow(m3/h) 1200m3/h 1800m3/h 2300m3/h
Filtration efficiency More than 99.99%@0.3um H13-H14
Average wind speed 0.3-0.6m/s Adjustable
Intensity of illumination >300lx
Fluorescent lamp 20Wx1 30WX1 40WX1
Material 1:Entirety Sus304/201
(Option) 2:External is steel with power coated, Internal is SUS304
3: External is steel with power coated. Internal is SUS201
Control board 1: Control the air speed up/down
2: Power off /on
3: Working time display
4: Working area light on/off
5: Alarm indicator
Power 280W 405W 490W
Noise <65dB
Power supply 220V-240V AC 50HZ
Packing size 1160x980x1780mm 1400x1020x1780mm 1700x1100x1780mm

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