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  • HEPA Filter With DOPHEPA Air Filter with DOP Port

    High Efficiency HEPA Filter With DOP Port For Cleanroom

    HEPA Filter With DOP Port which with DOP efficiency testing(of installed filters) there is an aerosol entry provide to easily bring the test aerosol to the upstream side of filter media.Both are covered with a sealed screw to prevent any leaks.

  • Knife-Egde Frame FilterKnife-Egde Frame Filters

    High Performance Knife-Egde Frame Filter For Cleanroom

    Knife-edge HEPA Filters provide fine particulate control to meet the requirements of today’s high technology cleanrooms and clean areas. Offering configuration and performance flexibility, the Pharmaseal filter will provide the highest level of protection for product processes and personnel. Standard gel seal filters contain polyurethane gel for knife edge seal.

  • ULPA Air FilterUlpa filters

    Mini-pleats ULPA Air Filter U15-U17 For Clean Room

    ULPA filters are used in applications requiring very efficient filtering of airborne pathogens which can cause aggravate asthma and cause allergies or disease. These filters are also useful in manufacturing environments which require very clean air.

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