General Clean room Regulations For Clean Room

General Clean room Regulations

Below is a list of general clean room regulations recommended as a minimum for the successful operation of a cleanroom. All professional cleaning personnel should be aware and follow these regulations at all times.

General Clean room Regulations


  1. All personal items such as keys, watches, rings, matches, lighters and cigarettes should be stored in the personal locker outside the gowning room.
  2. Valuable personal Items such as wallets may be permitted in the cleanroom provided they are NEVER removed from beneath the cleanroom garments.
  3. NO eating, smoking or gum chewing allowed inside the cleanroom.
  4. Only garments approved for the cleanroom should be worn when entering.
  5. NO cosmetics shall be worn in the cleanrooms. This includes: rouge, lipstick, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, mascara, eye liner, false eye lashes, fingernail polish, hair spray, mousse, or the heavy use of aerosols, after shaves and perfumes.
  6. Only approved cleanroom paper shall be allowed in the cleanroom.
  7. Approved ball point pens shall be the only writing tool used.
  8. Use of paper or fabric towels is prohibited. Use of hand dryers equipped with HEPA filters is suggested.
  9. Gloves or finger cots should not be allowed to touch any item or surface that has not been thoroughly cleaned.
  10. Only approved gloves, finger cots (powder-free), pliers, tweezers should be used to handle product. Finger prints can be a major source of contamination on some products.
  11. Solvent contact with the bare skin should be avoided. They can remove skin oils and increase skin flaking.
  12. Approved skin lotions or lanolin based soaps are sometimes allowed. These can reduce skin flaking.
  13. All tools, containers and fixtures used in the cleaning process should be cleaned to the same degree as the cleanroom surfaces. All of these items are a source of contamination.
  14. NO tool should be allowed to rest on the surface of a bench or table. It should be place on a cleanroom wiper.
  15. Only cleanroom approved wipers are allowed to be used. The wipers must be approved for the Class of cleanroom being cleaned.
  16. ALL equipment, materials and containers introduced into a sterile facility must be subjected to stringent sterilization prior to entrance.
  17. NO ONE who is physically ill, especially with respiratory or stomach disorders, may enter a sterile room. This is a good practice in any clean room environment.

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